Ambit Energy Announces Biggest Bonus of the Year

Ambit Energy Ambition Double/Triple Bonus

Ambit Energy just announced a hot promotion to kick off the summer, and it’s one of the most lucrative bonuses the company will run all year.

From May 28 through July 1, any new Consultant who registers for Ambition (Ambit’s annual conference), is eligible for a Triple Bonus when gathering Texas customers, or a Double Bonus when gathering customers in other markets.

The Triple/Double Bonus also applies to sponsor and upline coded bonuses. As an example, a new consultant who gathers six Texas customer points (two of those points count as the consultant’s marketing websites) within their first 28 days in the business, and registers for Ambition, can earn $300. So, that’s four Texas households, apartments or commercial customers.

For non-Texas customers, the requirement is seven customer points (two points from the website), plus registering for Ambition, can earn $200.

The best part about this promotion is that it earns the new Ambit Energy consultant enough bonus money to pay for their Ambition ticket, which is an investment back into their business anyway. Ambit is removing any potential excuses with this promotion.

Here’s another example: Regional Consultant who is registered for Ambition and sponsors a new consultant who gathers four Texas customers and also registers for Ambition. The Regional Consultant can earn $465 in this scenario. A Senior Consultant in the same scenario can earn $705. And an Executive Consultant can earn $945.

This promotion is amazing money in up-front bonuses for sponsors and coded leaders. And it doesn’t even factor in the residual payout on all the customer accounts every month.

Ambit Energy currently offers electricity and/or gas service in 16 states plus Washington D.C., and is a Sunrun referral partner for solar service in six states.

If you are open to earning $100 to $200 an hour (most people don’t even make one-fourth that much) with this promotion if it didn’t interfere with what you are already doing, please contact me. We will go over the exact steps and work together the entire time.

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