Ambit Energy Career Tip: Building a Business Before You Get Married

I’ve been getting questions lately about Ambit Energy consultants who are engaged or plan on getting married about owning two separate consultants accounts and businesses. Beginning your Ambit Energy career can bring up several questions as you consider the best options. If you are not yet married, you and your future husband or wife can each own separate consultant accounts. However, to maximize the compensation plan, grow the business under one account.

For example, let’s say Tom and Sarah plan on getting married and both want to start their Ambit business. Tom enrolls as a consultant and then sponsors Sarah into the business.  Tom and Sarah can then combine their efforts to build their business under Sarah’s account. Once they get married, they will still have two accounts–each getting paid residual income that is generated under Sarah’s account. Tom will need to gather and maintain 20 customer points so that his account is eligible to be paid on all levels of residual income, but the team of consultants will be built under Sarah’s account.

In this example, residual income will be generated over time and will be paid through Sarah’s account. Likewise, residual income will be paid through Tom’s account since he sponsored Sarah into the business, giving Tom and Sarah extra residual income as they work together in their Ambit Energy career.

You can see how this is a much better option than two people building two separate businesses.



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