Ambit Energy Extends Double-Bonus Period for Consultants

Ambit Energy has extended its double bonus period for consultants. Bonuses are paid to consultants who enroll and then acquire their first customers within a certain amount of time. Consultants who enroll other consultants and help them acquire their first customers also receive bonuses. The double bonus period is a great incentive for consultants to grow their business, as they help other people start their Ambit Energy businesses.

These special bonus periods happen only a few times a year. This particular bonus period runs through Labor Day weekend, which is when Ambit will hold its annual National Conference, called “Ambition.” Consultants will have to wait until Ambition to see if another bonus period will be announced.

Visit to learn more about becoming and Ambit consultant and starting your own home-based business in the $500 billion deregulated energy industry.

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