Ambit Energy Eliminates Time Limit on Free Energy Program

Ambit Energy is the only retail energy provider in America offering a free energy program. The program is open to any customer or consultant. Here’s how it works:

Refer at least 15 customers to Ambit, and Ambit will take the average usage of their bills and credits your bill with that amount. Any month in which you have 15 customer referrals, you qualify for the free energy credit.

For years there have been a six-month time limit “clock” for qualifying for the free energy credit. The 15 customers had to be acquired in six months. But now, the company has done away with the time limit clock. Now, if you refer 15 customers, you qualify for the free energy program no matter how long it takes. Eliminating the time clock incentives those who come close to getting 15 customer referrals to continue referring people to Ambit to qualify for the free energy program.

Getting a free energy credit every month on your bill can make a big difference in your budget. A tax-free credit of, for example, 150 a month means $1,800 per year in money saved. That’s enough for a family vacation, a big-screen HD TV, or to give back to your favorite charity. No other energy provider in America is offering a free energy credit. Ambit Energy is the only company that gives a credit on your bill for referring customers.

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