Ambit Energy Extends $75 Signup


Ambit Energy has extended its Time is Money promotion, but this time with a twist.

Anyone can start their business as an Ambit Energy Consultant for $75 through June 19. There is a monthly fee of $24.95 for a suit of marketing websites that are used to enroll customers and other consultants. Also under the promotion, any new consultant who enrolls four Texas customers (five customers in other states) in their first 28 days in the business can earn $200. Ambit actually pays $100 on the first two customers and another $100 on the next two customers.

The consultant who sponsors this new consultant and helps them get these first four customers can also earn a $200 sponsor bonus, but only if the sponsoring consultant is registered for Ambition—the company’s annual convention held at the end of August. This same requirement applies to the coded leadership bonuses that could also be doubled when the new consultant gets those first four customers.

So, Ambit is certainly offering a great incentive for consultants to register for Ambition.

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