Ambit Energy Income vs. Social Security

The future of Social Security is in doubt, to put it lightly. Social Security was originally designed to give seniors a “nest egg” after retirement from 40-plus years of working hard building their careers. But those who qualify to draw Social Security find that their income is far less that what they have been used to living on.

Counting solely on Social Security is just not an option for most Americans. Building a stream of residual income that pays you over and over again for something you did one time is a much better and safer option than relying on a measly Social Security income. The illustration below is a real-life example from Ambit Energy Executive Consultant Bob Granger, who will be eligible to collect Social Security in 2016. In less than three years, Bob has created a residual income with Ambit that far exceeds what he could receive from Social Security.

Bob has calculated that he has worked a little more than 46 years, for a total of 120,800 hours. He will be eligible for draw Social Security benefits in 2016, and would get about $1,899 per month. But, even then, he would have to wait four more years. Compare than with his income he has built with Ambit Energy.

Ambit Energy Income

In just under two and a half years working his Ambit business, Bob estimates he works about 10 hours per week for a total of 1,290 hours. He is currently earning roughly $7,150 per month in residual income. That’s over $5,000 per month more than what he is scheduled to earn through Social Security. Since Ambit Energy Consultants are paid every month on customers’ energy bills, the Ambit business opportunity is based on a utility service that everyone has to have and use every second of every day. And with residual income, even if you stop working, the money keeps coming in, because you are paid on what you started.

Bob’s results in his Ambit business are unique to him and are not typical or at all guaranteed for other Ambit Consultants. For more information on how to build a powerful residual income that you can count on with Ambit Energy, visit

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