Ambit Energy Japan Open Enrollment Prelaunch Starts May 24


The single-biggest market prelaunch in Ambit Energy’s history begins today. Japan will officially be open for prelaunch beginning at 7:00 a.m. JST on May 24 (that’s Japan time). That’s 5:00 p.m. on May 23 CT in the U.S. The Live Launch will be July 24.

Here’s what to keep in mind about this open enrollment prelaunch period for enrolling as an Ambit Energy Independent Consultant (IC) in Japan:

Japan-certified Consultants can start enrolling customers and Consultants during the prelaunch period. There is no cost for Japanese Consultants to join during this open enrollment period. The normal cost of ¥10,000 will be waved. Consultants who join during this time will be designated as Founding Consultants.

How to Enroll as an Ambit Energy Consultant in Japan

To view the Ambit Energy Japan, business opportunity video presentation and compensation (English subtitles available), go here:

Feel free to contact me for more information and the official gaiyoshomen document, or if you have questions at Add me on Line @CoachDavidLee or scan the code below.


To enroll as an IC for Ambit Energy Japan (AEJ), individuals must have an address in Japan.

ICs can be Japanese nationals or foreign residents. In either case, one o the following must be provided during the enrollment process to verify age and identity:

• Drivers License Number
• Insurance Card Number (Hokensha Bango ID)
• Resident ID Number (only foreign nationals)

To enroll a business entity as an IC for AEJ, please consult the Policies & Procedures document provided for download in PowerZone.

All ICs, whether individual or a business entity, must provide the unique number from the gaiyoshomen provided to them by their Personal Sponsor.

Electricity customers can be gathered during this prelaunch period and count toward promotions in the Ambit Energy Japan compensation plan.

However, bonuses will be paid once electric service for new customers begins after the live launch this summer. Meetings and business opportunity presentations are happening now in Tokyo and Osaka. Click here to see locations and meeting times.

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