Ambit Energy Named 12th-Largest Direct Sales Company in the World

Direct Selling News, the direct selling industry’s leading news source, names the top 100 direct sales companies by annual revenue. Ambit Energy ranked #12 on the list for 2014, up two spots from last year.

Ambit’s revenue for 2013 was at $1.2 billion, just its seventh year in business. Ambit ranked as the highest direct seller of energy in the world. Many of the top 11 companies on the list have been in business for 10 to 20 years or more, and some operate in several different countries. The company offers service in the U.S. only currently in 13 states plus Washington DC.

Ambit currently is the fastest-growing company in the history of direct sales. No one has reached $1 billion faster, and Ambit Energy has just one product and operates in a fraction of the U.S. only.

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