Ambit Energy Offers Open Enrollment Zero Down 2.0 Promotion

Ambit Energy is bringing back its most successful promotion, but this time has added a twist that will make it even easier for consultants to grow their business and promote through the company’s compensation plan. The Zero Down 2.0 promotion waves the standard startup fee to get a consultant’s business up and running.

That’s right. Normally $429, this promotion is an open enrollment. The only overhead cost is $24.95 a month for your suit of marketing websites that allows consultants to enroll customers and other consultants. To add to the Zero Down 2.0 promotion, Ambit Energy is also offering a Double-50 Bonus. Here’s how it works:

Any new consultant who enrolls four Texas customers in their first 28 days from starting their business can earn $200 ($100 is paid on the first two Texas customers and then another $100 on the other two customers). New consultants who enroll five non-Texas customers can earn $150 ($100 is paid on the first three non-Texas customers and then another $50 on the other two customers). Since Ambit is a team game, the sponsoring consultant of a new consultant who hits these bonuses will receive a matching bonus for helping gather those customers.

Ambit Energy’s Zero Down 2.0 promotion along with the Double-50 bonus is scheduled to run from Sept. 5 through Nov. 20. Anyone can sign up as an Ambit Energy consultant right now for $0 and generate their first bonus within a week since Ambit pays new customer bonuses weekly.

Ambit Energy Open Enrollment

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