What are the Ambit Energy Texas Service Areas?

Texas was the first state in which Ambit Energy offered service. In Texas, Ambit handles all billing for customers, which is unique to all other states. As of early 2013, Ambit offers service in the following four electricity service territories:

AEP Texas provides electricity to residents throughout southern and western Texas
CenterPoint Energy provides electricity to the 5,000 square mile footprint of the Houston metropolitan area
Oncor provides electricity to residents of northern, western and central Texas
TNMP provides electricity for western and northern central Texas, as well as areas of the Gulf Coast region

There are some areas that are not deregulated, and therefore Ambit Energy cannot offer service in these areas. Why? It is usually for one of the following three seasons:

Coop utility companies were granted an exemption from deregulation and thus most of the rural areas of Texas are not partaking in the deregulated market
City-owned utility companies were granted an exemption from deregulation and so you have San Antonio & Austin not partaking in deregulation
Utility companies/territories not yet integrated into the Texas grid (Entergy & El Paso Electric as examples) which makes it impossible to partake in deregulation as it currently stands

If you live in any of the Texas areas in which Ambit offers service, you can check current rates anytime at www.JoinAmbitiousEnergy.com.

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