Ultimate Texas Electricity Rate Guide – Cost and Compare

Most Texans get to choose their own electricity provider, putting the buying power in their hands. But before you choose you’re provider, there are some important things to consider. This Texas electricity rates guide will show you how to examine the cost of electrify in different deregulated territories and properly compare rates and to understand a fixed energy charge in Texas. But first, how did we get here? In the mid-1990s, Texas began deregulating most of its electricity market, giving customers more options and fostering competition. The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) operators the power grid, and roughly 85% of Texas customers can choose their own electric provider. The move broke up monopolies and separated the industry into three parts: Production: Power plants generate the energy, and deregulation welcomed innovations in clean energy and more efficient power plants. Transmission and Distribution Service Providers (TDSPs): These companies (commonly … [Read more...]

Why I Chose Ambit Energy for My Home Business

I have been partnered with Ambit Energy for nearly five years, and I'm getting very close to promoting to the second-highest rank in the company. I build my business on a part-time basis, but over the years I have been asked this question countless times. Why I chose Ambit Energy has always come down to these five main reasons: 1. No Products There are a lot of great companies out there with some terrific products. My wife and I still take products from network marketing companies because we just love the products. But as a business, I just didn't want to mess with products. While I don't mind recommending products to people, as a business, I just don't want to get people to change their habits or add something to their budgets. As an Ambit Energy consultant, I save people money on their energy bill. There is no product inventory to keep. There is no order to place. There are no deliveries to make. And we don't collect any money. The idea of generating an income on a very … [Read more...]

Overcoming Objections to Building an Ambit Energy Business: ‘I Read Bad Reviews Online’’

In our series of overcoming common objections people give to building an Ambit Energy or network marketing business, we've covered several things such as "I don't have enough time" and "I need to talk to my spouse," among others. This week we are looking at one just about everyone has heard, but can be difficult to know how to respond to unless you are prepared. I actually came across this objection the very morning that I'm writing this. See the screen shot below for the text I received from a prospect. It's the "I read some bad reviews on the Internet" objection. Uhm, yeah. So this is probably my one objection when I have to hold back my emotions. To you and me, it's a pretty ridiculous objection. But to your prospect, it can be pretty concerning since this is their initial exposure to your business and company. The Truth First of all, let's look at the truth about this objection. Anyone can Google bad reviews and complaints, especially with big companies. … [Read more...]

Stop Waiting on Perfection… It Ain’t Happening!

Perfection can be a terrible thing... when it keeps you from taking action. So many consultants in my business (and I used to be this way, so I know!) worry so much about being perfect that they fail to take action. No one is perfect. Here's the thing: perfection is not required to make money. I'm glad, too, because if it was I wouldn't make a penny. Worrying about making the perfect invite or hosting the perfect presentation or knowing the perfect thing to say is just going to keep you from taking action. And that is the exact opposite of what you want. Action pays. This is a learn-as-you-go business. That's why network marketing is structured as a team business. You take action, then get coaching and training. Then, take more action. Tweak a few things. Get better. Take more action. The most successful people in the world still have coaches and mentors. They have failed way more than they succeeded, and that's because they aren't afraid to take action. Not being afraid … [Read more...]

Need-to-Know Tips for Setting Up Electricity Service in Texas

Set up your electricity seven to 10 days before you move in. Don’t be that person who tries to set up your electricity service the day before you move in. Creating an account with an electricity company is very simple and takes just a few minutes, but it usually takes two to three business days for your service to go active. Getting your electricity turned on is a little more involved. Your local delivery or utility company, such as Oncor in North Texas or CenterPoint in South Texas, handles the meters. They are responsible for turning your electricity on. Most delivery companies do not come out to location on the weekend, so be sure to schedule your service to be activated on a week day. If you are moving on a weekend, it’s best to schedule your service to activate on a Thursday or Friday. And because of this, Fridays are always the busiest days. Don’t wait to schedule your service until just a couple days before you need service. Once you know the date you need service to be … [Read more...]

Ambit Energy Launches Electric Service in AEP Ohio Territory

Ambit Energy is now offering electricity service to nearly 1.5 million residential and small commercial customers in Ohio. The Buckeye State is Ambit's 15th state (plus Washington D.C.) in which the company offers service. The first territory in Ohio is AEP Ohio. Customers can enroll for service beginning today, Oct. 30. “We are excited to finally bring Ambit Energy services to Ohio to help meet customer demand and create new opportunities for our current and future Independent Consultants,” said Jere Thompson, Jr., Co-founder and CEO of Ambit Energy. “Our history of success is a testament to the overall value and service Ohio residents can expect when they join Ambit.” Ambit Energy primarily uses independent consultants to gather customers, and the company currently has more than 1.3 million customers and generates about $1.5 billion a year in revenue. The company has been placed on the Inc. 5000 list of the nation’s fastest-growing companies for six consecutive … [Read more...]

Why Ambit Energy Quotes Average (Bundled) Rates in Texas

Figuring electricity rates in Texas is fairly simple, but some companies can be misleading in how they go about quoting these rates. It's always best to find the average rate, also known as a bundled rate. The average rate is calculated using three things: 1. The energy charge rate, which is the rate your retail provider is charging per kilowatt hour (kWh). 2. The delivery charge, which is from the local delivery/utility company. 3. The estimated kWH usage. Calculating electricity rates in Texas using these three factors will give you the average rate so you can do a true apples-to-apples comparison. Here's how it works: Energy Charge The energy charge is set by the retail provider, such as Ambit Energy, TXU, Reliant, etc. Let's say that amount is 8.0 cents per kWh. Delivery Charge The delivery charge can be tricky, because some companies will move money over to the delivery charge and quote a smaller energy charge rate. That is why we have to consider the average … [Read more...]

5 Proven Tips to Explode Your Ambit Energy Business

What’s the difference between inviting and presenting? In your Ambit Energy business, it means everything. If you want to increase success in your business, be an inviter, not a presenter. Invite people to check out the business opportunity. Take yourself OUT of the presenting. Let the business presentation do the presenting. For example, either one of the online presentation videos, a Success from Home magazine, or a live business presentation meeting. The more invitations you make, the more people you will have join the business. It’s all a numbers game so invite, invite, invite. And when you are done, invite, invite, invite and invite some more. Ambit Energy consultants never stop inviting people to check out the opportunity. Like with any aspect of any business, there is a right way and many wrong ways to invite people to take a look at the Ambit Energy opportunity. Here are five key things to always keep in mind: 1. Call them. When you are inviting someone you are … [Read more...]

Exposing the Truth About TXU Free Nights and Weekends

TXU has been throwing around the term “free energy” a lot lately. Apparently the idea of getting your electricity for free is enticing. Their latest attempt at reeling in customers is offering “Free Nights” or “Free Weekends” plans. In these plans you are not be charged for using electricity either during nights or during Saturday through Sunday. But what actual savings, if any, do these plans offer? Let’s look at the simple math. We pulled the details on the TXU Energy Free Nights 18 plan and the TXU Energy Free Weekends 18 plan for the Texas zip code of 75040. The first thing we noticed is that each plan requires an 18-month contract with a $275 early cancellation fee. Also see the video below looking at another TXU plan. TXU Free Nights The TXU Free Nights plan, electricity use is free from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. (eight hours) every night. But key factor to look at, as with any energy plan, is the energy charge rate and the average rate per kilowatt hour (kWh). Sign Up … [Read more...]

Three Must-Know Tips for Comparing Texas Electricity Rates

With so many retail energy provider choices in deregulated areas of Texas, comparing electricity rates can be tricky. Many customers don’t realize that when comparing rates, they are not comparing apples to apples (more like apples to bananas). Comparing Texas electric rates is not as easy as looking at one company’s rate vs. another. You need to do a little homework first. Are you looking at the energy charge rate or the average rate? Is the rate bundled or unbundled? Or is the rate you are being quoted based on a usage of 2,000 kilowatt hours (kWh), 1,000 kWh or 500 kWh? All these things make a big difference. Find the Average Rate The best way to compare rates is to make sure you are looking at the “average rate.” This includes the energy charge rate and the fixed fees (before taxes). Some companies will only display or quote you the energy charge rate, which obviously is less before you factor in the fixed fees, such as a base charge and the delivery charge from your local … [Read more...]