Ambit Energy Texas Service Area, Rates & Plans

Ambit Energy Texas Service Areas


Ambit Energy operates in all the deregulated areas of Texas. Here are the four major service territories in which Ambit is available (a few other territories not listed here):

AEP Texas provides electricity to residents throughout southern and western Texas
CenterPoint Energy provides electricity to the 5,000 square mile footprint of the Houston metropolitan area
Oncor provides electricity to residents of northern, western and central Texas
Sharyland Utilities offers electricity service in 29 counties throughout Texas, with major concentrations in the western, central and northern parts of the state (with the McAllen region launching soon)
TNMP provides electricity for western and northern central Texas, as well as areas of the Gulf Coast region

The areas in the coverage map above are not deregulated. Why? It is usually for one of the following three seasons:

Coop utility companies were granted an exemption from deregulation and thus most of the rural areas of Texas are not partaking in the deregulated market
City-owned utility companies were granted an exemption from deregulation and so you have San Antonio & Austin not partaking in deregulation
Utility companies/territories not yet integrated into the Texas grid (Entergy & El Paso Electric as examples) which makes it impossible to partake in deregulation as it currently stands

Ambit Energy Texas Rates

Rates in Texas vary by territory, so you will need to check for current rates in your area. Ambit will always provide very competitive rates in all areas. Find Ambit Energy rates here.

Ambit Energy Texas Billing

Texas differs from other markets in that, in Texas, Ambit Energy handles all aspects of billing and customer service. When Texas residents choose Ambit, you receive your bill from Ambit. Also when you switch, there’s no need to cancel service from your previous provider. You will get a closeout bill from them once service ends.

Ambit Energy Texas Plans

Variable: This plan rate changes on a monthly basis, and there is no contract with a fixed price per kWh. Most customers chose a Fixed Rate plan.

Fixed: This is by far the most popular option for Ambit Energy customers. Lock in a fixed price per kWh for 6 months, 12 months or 24 months. A Fixed-rate plan is where you will see the most value. Once your rate term is up, you are free to chose another plan that best suites you.

Green Variable & Fixed: Ambit’s Green-e certified plans are pretty much identical to the non-green plans. However, Green plans, no matter which company you are dealing with, are more expensive. The reason is because RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates) are purchased to offset usage. THE RECs have independent verification, which ensures that the extra money customers pay for a green plan gets properly directed to local renewable energy initiatives in Texas.

Commercial: Ambit offers competitive small commercial term plans ranging from 12 to 36 months. For more information on this, view the Texas Small Commercial FAQ Sheet.

Do you still have questions about Texas service areas and plans? Click here to contact me.

Why Switch to Ambit Energy in Texas?

We have very competitive rates all year long.

Nothing Changes: Switching to Ambit Energy does not negatively affect anything regarding the service, reliability or billing of your electricity or natural gas. The only noticeable change will be a new lower bill sent directly from Ambit Energy

Green-e Certified: Not all green energy is the same! Ambit Energy is Green-e certified which ensures your dollars are going to help local renewable energy efforts in Texas!

A Solid, Trusted Company: Ambit Energy is debt free, was ranked #1 on Inc. 500 list for 2010, has a BBB A+ rating, a member in good standing with the DSA and savings verified by the consumer watchdog group Citizens Utility Board.