How to Determine Ambit Energy Rates in Texas

Texas is Ambit Energy’s oldest market, launching service in the Lone Star State in 2006. Since then Ambit has earned a little more than a 3 percent market share, as of early 2013. In Texas, Ambit handles the sale and billing, so Texas customers get their bills from Ambit. Determining current electricity rates in Texas is pretty simple and straight forward.

Rates can be reviewed at any Ambit Energy consultant’s customer website, such as this one: After you enter your zip code and select “residential customer” or “commercial customer” you can select from the available rates and plans in your area. There are 12-month, 6-month, 24-month, variable and even green energy plans available. The current rates will be shown for each plan. If you choose automatic billing with the e-plan, you will save .2 cents per kwr used.

One thing that makes Ambit Energy different is that the company uses what is called a “bundled rate.” This means that the rate given includes the delivery charge (the portion that goes to the local deliver company). Some companies will advertise a much lower rate but overcharge for the delivery service. With Ambit, the rate you see is what you get.

Ambit Energy surpassed 1 million customers in late 2012, and is on track to have annual revenues of $1 billion in 2013. The company currently operates in nine states plus Washington D.C.

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