How to Earn $600 in Ambit Energy in Your First Two Weeks

Growing your Ambit Energy business is all about building a team of like-minded consultants who gather the customers they have a personal relationship with. There are only so many customers you can get on your own, but with an army of customer-gatherers who have a financial incentive to help each other make money, you have the potential to build a massive customer base.

A good initial goal during Ambit’s “Time is Money” promotion is to earn $600 in your first two weeks. And with this promotion, that is very achievable. Here’s what you need to do:

In the Time is Money promotion, the sign-up fee to begin your Ambit Energy business is just $75, plus the monthly fee of $24.96 for your marketing websites. Let’s call it $100 (a very small investment to launch a legitimate business).

Gather your first two Texas customers within your first four weeks and Ambit will pay you $100. This is called the Jump Start Bonus. Gather two more Texas customers within the same time frame, and Ambit will pay you another $100.

So that’s: 4 Texas Customers (within 4 weeks) = $200

Sponsor a new consultant, help them get their first two customers within their first four weeks, and earn a matching $100 sponsor bonus when they get their first bonus. During the Time is Money promotion, Consultants who are registered for Ambition (the company’s annual conference in Dallas) can also earn another $100 when their personally sponsored consultant gets another two Texas customers within their first four weeks.

So, that’s: Help your personally sponsored consultant get 4 Texas customers (within 4 weeks) = $200 Double Sponsor Bonus.

You can earn this sponsor bonus with every new consultant you sponsor. So, to earn hit the $600 mark, you could help two new consultants get their first four customers each and earn $400. Add that to the $200 you made by getting your own four customers, and you’ve earned $600.

Since Ambit bonuses are paid the week following when they are triggered, you can have this money in hand very soon after you are able to hit teach of these goals.

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