How to Work Your Ambit Energy Business Solely with Your iPhone or Android Phone

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Is it possible to work your Ambit Energy business solely with your iPhone or Android phone? The simple answer is Yes!

Given the nature of the business with no products to sell, delivery or ship, you truly can work your business from anywhere. I have worked my business from the park with my kids, while driving to and from my full-time job, and even at restaurants. All you really need is the ability to communicate with people (phone calls, text or email) and access to the internet to sign up customers and consultants, which takes about five or six minutes. Today’s smart phones give you this ability.

The Ambit Energy opportunity is based on leveraging and building relationships. Inviting someone to check out the Ambit Energy opportunity, getting their questions answered on a three-way call with your upline consultant leaders, and signing them up as a consultant can all be done with your iPhone or Android phone. Ambit provides mobile-friendly websites that make this possible. The business presentation videos, which are only about 15 minutes long, can also be played on most smart phones.

The same goes for signing up a customer. Even if the customer emails you a copy of their bill, you can examine it on your phone. Signing them up takes just a few minutes and requires their basic information. In fact, one of the most recent customers I signed up was a friend of mine as a customer on my customer website using only my phone.

Even though you can build your Ambit business with your phone from anywhere, that is in no way the complete scope of the business. Attending weekly team meetings and business presentations, attend major training events such as PowerTrip and Ambition, and meeting with people one on one is still a core part of the business and should never be neglected. It is also much easier to log onto and navigate the PowerZone back office on a desktop or laptop computer. Check out my blog page for more Ambit Energy Consultant tips.

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