Inviting People to Consider an Ambit Energy Career

No matter if you are building an Ambit Energy career as an experienced National Consultant with a massive organization or a brand new Marketing Consultant just starting your business, the fundamental activities of the business never change. It is always about gathering a few customers for yourself and helping other people do the same thing.

Consultants need just 20 customer points to take full advantage of the compensation plan and get paid on all levels. So, consultants spend most of their time helping other consultants. Ambit has built a business model based on helping other people. There’s no way around it. In order to grow a business, consultants must help each other, network and communicate regularly with each other. In order to start growing a business and finding other people to work with, consultants must invite people to look at the business opportunity.

Inviting people is the key. You do not have to be the presenter, you just have to invite people to look at the presentation. This can be a live business presentation meeting, a home presentation showing the presentation video, or having people watch the video on one of the consultant replicated websites. Many new consultants make the mistake of telling people too much about the Ambit Energy business. Instead, focus on a simple invitation to just take a look. Then if the guest has questions or concerns, that is the time to get with an upline leader, such as a Senior Consultant or Executive Consultant to get the questions answered.

Duplication is key is expanding your Ambit Energy career. Not everyone can present the business opportunity. But everyone can invite people to take a look at it. Remember, consultants are inviters and communicators, not presenters or salespeople.

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