Overcoming Objections to Building an Ambit Energy Business: ‘I Need to Talk to My Spouse’

Over the last few weeks we’ve been looking at how to overcome some of the most common objections people give to building an Ambit Energy business. These objections can also be applied to most any home-based or direct sales business.

This week we look at an objection that’s is usually a good thing: “I need to talk to my spouse.”

I was actually hit with this objection a few weeks ago with a lady in California who got in touch with me through my website. She even told me she was about 90 percent ready to join the business… BUT she needed to talk to her husband.

What They Really Mean
First, let’s look at what someone really mean when they give this objection. Typically, they mean that they want to make sure their spouse is on board. This can be a good thing, because if someone is seriously considering building a significant business, they definitely should make sure their spouse is on board and will be supportive. They may even want to build the business with their spouse.

Having the support of your husband or wife is really important, especially if your goal is to build a big business. So, how do you respond?

Don’t Push Back
Like with any type of objection, don’t immediately push back. Try to relate to them and say that you understand why they need to talk to their spouse. In fact, tell them that’s a great idea. This may mean they are already thinking like a business owner.

My wife and I have four young kids, so my level of commitment and sacrifice is going to be different from someone’s level of commitment and sacrifice who is not married and has no kids. But the key is making sure my wife and I are on the same page about my commitment and sacrifice.  That’s exactly what your prospect might need to work out with their spouse.

Suggest Their Spouse Get First-Hand Info
After you agree with them that they should talk to their spouse about starting the business, suggest they have their spouse watch the same video or attend the same live presentation the prospect saw or attended. That way the spouse gets the information first-hand.

This is really important. You do not want your prospect trying to tell their spouse all about the opportunity they just saw. Have you ever tried to verbally explain the Ambit Energy business opportunity or presentation to someone? It doesn’t work out too well. It’s a very visual presentation. So, you certainly don’t want your prospect trying to explain it to their husband or wife.

After you suggest that the spouse watch the presentation video or attend the live presentation, set up a specific follow-up time so that any questions the spouse has can also be addressed. Suggest that they get on the phone at the same time. You don’t want the spouse getting second-hand information.

On the follow-up call, you or an upline Ambit Energy consultant can help the prospect and the spouse with any questions or expectations. Some of the most common things a spouse wants to know is if this is a real business, or how much time and effort it requires to reach their goals. Whatever their issue, let your prospect know you are there to help give them and their spouse enough information to make a decision either way.

Just be understanding. Help them address any issues or questions, and try to relate to them whenever it makes sense.

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