Overcoming Objections to Building an Ambit Energy Business: ‘I Need to Do Research’

If you’ve been involved in network marketing or direct sales for any length of time, you know that people give all kinds of objections and excuses as to why they can’t build a business.

Our second post on overcoming common objections people give to building an Ambit Energy business (or any network marketing business, really) looks at the objection: “I need to do some research.”

Be sure to read my first post in my series covering objections on “I don’t have enough time” here. So, how do you respond when you show someone the business opportunity and they tell you they need to do some research?

Don’t Push Back
Like with any objection or excuse you receive, never immediately push back or belittle someone’s excuse or objection. Always be respectful. Even if they might have misconceptions about the business and opportunity, everyone has a different perspective, different experiences and different mindsets.

Instead of pushing back and objecting to their objection, say that you understand why they would want to research more and gather more information before starting their own business. When most people say they need to research more, what they mean is that they haven’t yet gotten enough information to help them make a solid, educated decision. That’s not a bad thing. It just means they need more information.

Ask Questions
It’s always good to ask questions. This helps you dig a little deeper to find out the type of information they are looking for. You might ask something like, “I certainly understand. What kind of information do you feel you’re lacking?”

Some people want to know more about the company, the leadership, the level of support and training they would receive, they credibility of the company, etc. Their response will let you know where their focus lies. This is a good time to do a three-way call with an upline consultant or other leader who can better address the issue. For example, if they want to know more about the leadership of the company, you might do a three way call with a consultant who is very involved with the corporate leaders. The goal isn’t to “sell” the prospect. You just want to offer them the information they are looking for from a credible source.

Ambit Energy Success from Home

The Success from Home magazine is an awesome third-party credibility tool.

Give Them Tools
One of the most powerful things you can do for your Ambit Energy or network marketing business is to use third-party tools. Take yourself out of it! This is especially helpful for newer consultants, and even more experienced consultants need to use tools more often. We have a tendency to want to answer all the questions ourselves, but third-party tools usually do a better job while providing a level of credibility that we can’t.

There are two powerful tools that Ambit Energy provides that I recommend: Success from Home magazine (left) and the AmbitStory.com replicated website (below). These tools do a great job at telling the Ambit Story and will likely provide the information the prospect is looking for. So, if the prospect is wanting to know more about the strength and history of the company, use one or both of these tools. Both do a great job of telling the company story and highlighting the many awards and recognition Ambit has received.

The Ambit Energy Story

Caution Them on Internet “Research”
A lot of times when people say “I need to do more research,” what they mean is they want to go read some random stuff they pull up on Google. That can be one of the worst ways to find credible information on any company. The Internet is full of shady “review” websites. One of the worst is ConsumerAffairs.com. Many people confuse this site with ConsumerReports.com, which is more credible.

Plus, most people who go online to leave reviews on companies, especially energy companies like Ambit, are going online to complain. People love to complain. The truth is, if you want to find bad reviews and complaints about any company, you will have no problem finding them online. If your prospects are easily swayed by what a random stranger types on the Internet, then they likely don’t have the proper mindset to build a business.

Also see our Why Ambit Energy page for third-party awards and accolades, and our Ambit Energy Success Stories page for a few real stories of my team.

Leave any comments or questions below. I’d love to hear and share your tips on handling the objection “I need to do more research.” Also, let me know what other objections you’d like me to cover. More coming soon!

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