Overcoming Objections to Building an Ambit Energy Business: ‘I Read Bad Reviews Online’’

In our series of overcoming common objections people give to building an Ambit Energy or network marketing business, we’ve covered several things such as “I don’t have enough time” and “I need to talk to my spouse,” among others.

This week we are looking at one just about everyone has heard, but can be difficult to know how to respond to unless you are prepared. I actually came across this objection the very morning that I’m writing this. See the screen shot below for the text I received from a prospect.

It’s the “I read some bad reviews on the Internet” objection.

Uhm, yeah. So this is probably my one objection when I have to hold back my emotions.

To you and me, it’s a pretty ridiculous objection. But to your prospect, it can be pretty concerning since this is their initial exposure to your business and company.

The Truth
First of all, let’s look at the truth about this objection. Anyone can Google bad reviews and complaints, especially with big companies. Specifically with Ambit Energy, which has more than 1.5 million customers at the time of this writing, very few people take the time to go online to praise their energy company.

People are much more likely to go online to complain. Complaining is easy. Plus, there’s no legit way of knowing if these complaints are even valid. It’s important that you understand this, but don’t immediately respond to your prospect with this.

Another truth is that some people set out to look for the negative. They are trying hard to look for reasons not to do it. If you want to find negative stuff on the Internet, you can certainly find it in a matter of seconds.

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Offer Help
It’s important that you don’t make your prospect feel bad. Don’t shoot down their concerns. If they have taken the time to do some research on their own, that’s likely a sign they are giving some serious consideration to the business.

So, how do you respond? Ask what sources the reviews or complains are from. This could be big, because there are so many shady and nonsense websites out there that exist to discredit companies. ConsumerAffairs.com is one of these worthless sites. Many people confuse this with Consumer Reports, which is much more credible.

Make sure they understand that any big company is going to have some complaints online. Send them credible third party reviews and awards your company has received (see the text conversation above I had with a prospect who was a referral). This lets these third-party sources do the talking. These could be customer satisfaction surveys, the Better Business Bureau, Inc. magazine or any other recognized magazine. I always keep a list of these on my Why Ambit page.

‘This Business May Not be for You’
You’re looking for business partners. Don’t get hung up on trying to drag someone over to you’re way of thinking. If you get completely hung up on trying to convince them their “findings” on the Internet are completely ridiculous and that they need to see it your way, then you’re definitely going to lose them. Don’t be pushy. Be professional!

They may not have the proper mindset it takes to build a business anyway, and that’s OK. Someone who is easily swayed by what complete strangers wrote on the Internet two years ago probably isn’t going to last long in a business.  You can’t build a significant business if you are going to let strangers direct your thinking.

As many network marketing leaders say, “don’t be addicted to the outcome.” If they just can’t get past those online complaints that strangers wrote, just tell them, “That’s OK, this may not be a good fit for you. I’m still going to build this but I appreciate you taking a look.”

This response does a couple things. It shows that you are totally fine with them not joining your business, which you definitely should be. That can create a fear of loss with your prospect. They may think, “Hey, wait, are you saying I can’t do this?”

The other thing this response does is show your prospect that you expect to succeed whether they join your business or not. Basically, it shows that you are going to the top with or without them.

If you haven’t run across this objection yet, I guarantee you will. If you have any suggestions about how you have handled this objection, please leave your comments below.

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