Sharyland Utilities Customers to Choose Electricity Retail Provider in February

Customers in the Sharyland Utilities territories will have to choose a retail energy provider (REP) as early as February 1. Sharyland is transitioning into retail electric competition, which includes nearly 50,000 residential and commercial customers in the Brady, Celeste, Colorado City and Stanton service areas. Some counties include Hunt, Midland, Reagan, Mitchell, Martin, McCulloch and more. Enrollments begins February 1 and customers will be switched over in May to the provider they chose.

Sharyland Utilities will continue to be the delivery company, but customers will be able to shop for the retail provider, which is the company that will handle the billing and offer their rates. These per-kilowatt hour rates are estimated to be significantly lower than what customers are currently paying in the Sharyland monopoly. In the event of a power outage, customers will still contact Sharyland Utilities for any repairs.

If customers do not choose their own retail provider they will be assigned a default provider and may end up paying a higher rate than what they could find if they choose their own provider. But being an open competition market, customers can still switch to another provider later.

An important tip for Texas customers comparing electricity rates and shopping for a retail provider is to compare the average rates, which include delivery fees. Be sure not to compare one company’s energy charge rate with another company’s average rate, because the energy charge rate does not factory in the fixed delivery fees. This can be a little misleading and look like a cheaper rate before the delivery charge is factored in. Also be sure to compare average rates at the same kilowatt hours used. The typical usage is 1,000 kilowatts.

One retail energy provider offering service to Sharyland Utilities customers is Ambit Energy. With an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, Ambit Energy is one of the top retail energy providers in the country and consistently offering some of the lowest rates in Texas. In just seven years in business, the company has annual revenue of more than $1 billion and has more than 1 million customers.

Click the button below to see Ambit’s current average rates in your area. Signing up as a customer online takes just about five minutes. For any questions please contact us.


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