Start an Ambit Energy Business for $75 (Normally $429)

Ambit Energy has announced that from April 11 through May 8, anyone can start their Ambit Energy business for $75. Normally the fee to start a business as an Ambit Energy consultant is $429. The $75 fee is just a one-time fee.

There is a $24.95 cost per month for a consultant’s marketing websites. So the total upfront cost to get an Ambit Energy business up and running is $99.95. New consultants can enroll two Texas customers in their first 28 days and earn $100. If they get two more Texas customers (four total) in their first 28 days, they can earn an additional $100. Consultants who enroll three non-Texas customers in their first 28 days earn $100, and two more customers (five total) in their first 28 days earns another $100. So, new consultants can earn back and even double their business start-up investment by just enrolling a handful of customers.

This $75 promotion doubles to $150 on May 9 and runs through June 5. Then it doubles again to $300 on June 6 and runs through July 3. After that, the regular and original fee of $429 returns. See the chart below for those details. Ambit Energy is the 12th largest direct sales company in the world at $1.5 billion in annual revenue.


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