Stop Waiting on Perfection… It Ain’t Happening!

Perfection can be a terrible thing… when it keeps you from taking action.

So many consultants in my business (and I used to be this way, so I know!) worry so much about being perfect that they fail to take action. No one is perfect.

Here’s the thing: perfection is not required to make money. I’m glad, too, because if it was I wouldn’t make a penny.

Worrying about making the perfect invite or hosting the perfect presentation or knowing the perfect thing to say is just going to keep you from taking action. And that is the exact opposite of what you want.

Action pays. This is a learn-as-you-go business. That’s why network marketing is structured as a team business. You take action, then get coaching and training. Then, take more action. Tweak a few things. Get better. Take more action.

The most successful people in the world still have coaches and mentors. They have failed way more than they succeeded, and that’s because they aren’t afraid to take action. Not being afraid of failure is covered as one of the five questions you should ask yourself before starting your Ambit Energy business here.

I’ve been there countless times when those negative thoughts play in your head before you make a phone call. You start to think about all the reasons why someone would not be interested in your business or start to think about all the things that could go wrong. The one and only remedy? MAKE THE CALL!

Perfection isn’t gonna make you money. Action will.

As the late Ambit Energy Consultant Ronnie Kirkland often said, “Before you’re great, you gotta be good. And before you’re good, you gotta be bad.”

And you know what? Before you’re bad, you gotta DO SOMETHING!

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