Ambit Energy Consultants – Meet the Team

Energy deregulation is a massive income opportunity for those who position themselves to take advantage of it. Ambit Energy is the gold standard company to partner with. Our award-winning team of Consultants has been recognized multiple times for their leadership and training. You won’t find a more dedicated team to partner with that is focused on helping you reach your goals. We will show you the right way to build your Ambit business.

You are always welcome to come meet the team at a live Ambit Energy business presentation:

Thursday Nights @ 7:30 p.m. CST
Wyndham Dallas Suites – Park Central
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Meet some of the leaders of our team, and read their success stories about why they are building their Ambit Energy Consultant careers.


AmbitEnergyConsultantDavidLeeDavid Lee
Executive Consultant

Home: Texas
Occupation: Editor & Marketing Project Manager
Success Tip: Plug into the system, leverage the people you are working with, and don’t quit.

I began my professional career like most people. I went to college and took an entry-level job with benefits.

I actually loved what I did. I got to meet and write about pro athletes, create magazines and basically get paid for what I did as a hobby. But after about seven years at the company, I was laid off.

My wife and I had three kids at the time, including a 3-month old son. My wife stayed home with the kids, so I was the only one generating income for my family. It was a huge wake-up call.

I continued to do some contract work for that company, but I quickly realized that relying on one source of income that I had absolutely no control over was never going to happen again. The days of working for one company your entire career are long gone.

Not long after that, someone showed me how I could generate lasting residual income while helping people save money on their energy bill with Ambit Energy. It made complete sense to me.

Throughout my Ambit Energy career I have discovered a much better way of generating income. I now have an income asset that I own and that I can build on my own time instead of just trading hours for dollars like I used to. My Ambit income allows my wife to stay at home and take care of our four kids while now exploring career opportunities for herself.

I have met some incredibly successful and driven people, and those relationships are absolutely invaluable. As Robert Kyiosaki says, “The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work.” That is exactly what we do in Ambit – build networks of like-minded people who want to help others save money.

I am incredibly grateful for the Ambit Energy opportunity, the mindset it continues to teach me, and the relationships it has brought into my life.


AmoedoRichard and Mary Amoedo
National Consultants

•Million-Dollar Earners
•2011 Thompson Leadership Award Winner
•Top 30 Earners 2007-2014
•Co-Founders Leadership Council
•Pure Energy Award 2010
Home: Texas
Former Occupation: Mortgage Business Owners
Success Tip: Plug into the system, embrace opportunities for growth, and don’t quit.

Richard and Mary Amoedo were pouring 60-plus hours per week into their successful mortgage business when a friend approached them about the Ambit Energy opportunity. They said no several times, not seeing any time to add something else to their schedule. But out of fear of missing a great opportunity, they eventually joined.

Richard and Mary are National Consultants (the highest promotion level attainable with Ambit) and award-winning leaders with one of the largest teams of consultants in Ambit. But with all their success, they are working harder than ever because they know what incredible opportunity lies ahead for Ambit, which now generates more than $1.5 billion annually.

“Think about how much money people have made on the first billion, and how much will be made on the next billion,” Richard says as he ponders the potential for Ambit’s growth. “How much of that do you want to be part of? The biggest mistake someone could make is to think it’s too late to get in.”

The couple says they’re more focused than ever on helping consultants on their team reach their goals and showing them what Ambit offers—an opportunity to generate powerful residual income that allows you to eventually buy back your time. “Over the next five years, you’re going to work hard anyway,” Mary says. “Why not spend time focusing on a business where you can actually buy back your time?”

Richard and Mary lead by example, so they are always focusing on new goals for their own business and life. They want to help 100 consultants on their team become financially free. Personally, they are laser-focused on promoting to National Consultant and reaching Ambit’s Million Dollar Club by hitting the million-dollar career earnings mark, which they expect to do very soon. Giving back to charity, their church and other causes that are in their hearts is also a strong force that drives them.


TylerMegonTyler and Magon Redman
Senior Consultants

Home: Texas
Occupation: Child Protective Services Investigator; Teacher

I was introduced to the Ambit Energy Opportunity by a friend from church. After convincing my wife that this was the opportunity we had been looking for, we joined the Ambit Energy team so that when we started to have children, my wife would be able to stay at home and raise them as she has always dreamed of doing.

Since then Ambit has provided me with the opportunity to earn free electricity for my family, build my own business, meet new and interesting people from all over the country, and provide a better standard of living for my family. Creating income part time in this business has taught me the value of true relationships and that I do not have to live my life trading hours for dollars with nothing to show for it in the end.

Ambit Energy has showed me that passive residual income is the true solution for financial freedom!


The income levels of Ambit Energy independent consultants mentioned or implied here are not intended to represent the income earned by a typical independent consultant, nor are they intended to represent or guarantee what a new independent consultant will eventually earn. Success with Ambit Energy takes hard work, diligence, perseverance and leadership, and is dependent on how effectively an independent consultant exercises those qualities.