Reviewing Ambit Energy Texas Free & Clear Nights Plan

Ambit Energy recently launched three new residential electricity plans in Texas. One is the Free & Clear Nights 12. This new plan features 100% wind energy, so if renewable energy is important to you, this is definitely a plan to consider. The free nights plan is not yet (as of October 2017) available in all Texas delivery territories. So, how do the free nights work? It’s pretty simple (be sure to scroll down to watch the video). Basically, you are not charged for the energy rate or the local TDU (such as Oncor) delivery charges from the hours of 9:00 p.m. – 5:59 a.m. But you are charged during the hours of 6:00 a.m. – 8:59 p.m. All hours of usage, however, are 100% wind energy. The Free & Clear Nights 12 plan does require a smart meter. The average rate per kWh based on kWh usage ranges as follows: 14.6 cents/kWh for usage around 500 kWh 13.1/kWh for usage around 1,000 kWh 12.3/kWh for usage around 2,000 kWh Keep in mind these average rates are not … [Read more...]

Reliant Refer a Friend vs. Ambit Energy Free Energy

Being rewarded for referring people to a business is a concept that more and more companies are using. Reliant Energy is now offering customer referral bonuses of a $150 bill credit for the person who refers a new customer who signs up on a term plan. The new customer also gets a $150 bill credit. In the video  below, we look at the details of Reliant Energy's refer a friend program and compare it to Ambit Energy's Free Energy program. We look at which one is better for generating more money based on referrals. … [Read more...]

Ambit Energy to Offer Electricity Service in Ohio

Ambit Energy announced the company will offer electric service in Ohio beginning Oct. 30. Ambit will service the AEP Ohio area, which is a territory of 1.5 million potential customers. Ohio will be the 15th state (plus Washington D.C.) in which the company offers electricity and/or natural gas service. “We are excited to finally bring Ambit Energy services to Ohio to help meet customer demand and create new opportunities for our current and future Independent Consultants,” said Jere Thompson, Jr., Co-founder and CEO of Ambit Energy. “Our history of success is a testament to the overall value and service Ohio residents can expect when they join Ambit.” Ambit primarily uses a direct-selling model to acquire customers though its field of more than 350,000 Independent Consultants. To date, the company has more than 1.3 million customers and generates about $1.5 billion a year in revenue. The company has been placed on the Inc. 5000 list of the nation’s fastest-growing companies for … [Read more...]

Why Ambit Energy Quotes Average (Bundled) Rates in Texas

Figuring electricity rates in Texas is fairly simple, but some companies can be misleading in how they go about quoting these rates. It's always best to find the average rate, also known as a bundled rate. The average rate is calculated using three things: 1. The energy charge rate, which is the rate your retail provider is charging per kilowatt hour (kWh). 2. The delivery charge, which is from the local delivery/utility company. 3. The estimated kWH usage. Calculating electricity rates in Texas using these three factors will give you the average rate so you can do a true apples-to-apples comparison. Here's how it works: Energy Charge The energy charge is set by the retail provider, such as Ambit Energy, TXU, Reliant, etc. Let's say that amount is 8.0 cents per kWh. Delivery Charge The delivery charge can be tricky, because some companies will move money over to the delivery charge and quote a smaller energy charge rate. That is why we have to consider the average … [Read more...]

Ambit Energy Launches Customer Energy Management Tools

Ambit Energy, one of the top retail energy providers in the country, has launched two new energy management tools for Texas residential customers with a smart meter. They can view their energy usage and estimate monthly charges. These tools include a weekly email, the Ambit Energy Advisor, which includes a weekly usage summary, a projected monthly usage summary and an estimated monthly billing amount. For a more detailed report, customers can log in to their MyAmbit Account Usage Summary online. This summary allows customers to analyze their energy by month, week, day, and even down to as small as 15-minute intervals. These tools are intended to help Ambit Energy Texas customers better understand their energy use throughout help them to better manage their monthly budget, conserve energy, and predict their bills. “The launch of the Ambit Energy Advisor and MyAmbit Account Usage Summary further illustrates how we keep our customers’ best interests at heart and provide the … [Read more...]

Ambit Energy Launches Service to Customers in Virginia and New Hampshire

Energy deregulation continues to expand across the United States. More states are welcoming retail competition, which gives customers a choice in electricity and natural gas providers. Ambit Energy, one of the largest and fastest-growing energy providers in the country, began offering service in Virginia and New Hampshire on March 31 to residential and small commercial customers (see the service area maps below). These are the 12th and 13th states in which Ambit offers service. In Virginia, Ambit is classified as a Competitive Service Supplier (CSS). The first market in the state in which Ambit will begin enrolling customers is there Washington Gas Light Company in Northern Virginia. There are no credit checks and no deposits required. And Virginia customers will continue to get their bill from their current delivery company, with Ambit listed as the energy supplier. Virginia plans include variable, three, six and 12-month plans. The deregulated markets in New Hampshire offer a … [Read more...]

Ambit Energy Rolls Out Three-Month Low Rate Texas Plan

The record cold winter has caused the demand and cost of energy to increase pretty significantly. Therefore, electricity and natural gas rates have increased recently. To help rise out this rate hike through the spring, Ambit Energy is offering Texas customers a three-month low 9.2 cents/kWh average rate (based on 1,000 kWh used). Customers can lock in this low rate for three months then switch to a longer-term plan, such as a 12-month or 24-month plan, when their three month plan expires. Compare that to the 12-month plan in the Oncor North Texas area with an average rate of 10.6 cents per kWh. The three-month option is a great way to save money on your Ambit Energy bill through the spring. Setting up your Ambit Energy account online only takes about five minutes. All customers get a free website to track your usage, pay your bill, track your travel rewards points and refer other customers to qualify for free energy every month.     … [Read more...]

Sharyland Utilities Customers to Choose Electricity Retail Provider in February

Customers in the Sharyland Utilities territories will have to choose a retail energy provider (REP) as early as February 1. Sharyland is transitioning into retail electric competition, which includes nearly 50,000 residential and commercial customers in the Brady, Celeste, Colorado City and Stanton service areas. Some counties include Hunt, Midland, Reagan, Mitchell, Martin, McCulloch and more. Enrollments begins February 1 and customers will be switched over in May to the provider they chose. Sharyland Utilities will continue to be the delivery company, but customers will be able to shop for the retail provider, which is the company that will handle the billing and offer their rates. These per-kilowatt hour rates are estimated to be significantly lower than what customers are currently paying in the Sharyland monopoly. In the event of a power outage, customers will still contact Sharyland Utilities for any repairs. If customers do not choose their own retail provider they will … [Read more...]

Customers Switching to Ambit Energy in Sharyland Utilities and McAllen Texas Territories

Energy deregulation continues in Texas even after years of participation in many major areas and territories. The latest territory to deregulate is the Sharyland Utilities and Sharyland McAllen. The breakup of this co-op could be the beginning of a trend that could see more co-ops in Texas shift toward deregulation. Texas has not seen a co-op territory deregulate in years. The more than 44,000 residential and small commercial customers in these areas can choose a new retail energy provider. Counties include Hunt, Midland, Martin, Howard, Mitchell, Glasscock, Reagan, McCulloch and others that will transition into retail electric competition this spring. Sharyland Utilities will remain the company responsible for delivering the electricity, but customers will be able to shop around and choose their own Retail Electric Provider (REP), which is the company that will sell the energy and handle the billing. Ambit Energy, the fastest-growing retail energy provider in Texas, can begin … [Read more...]

Ambit Energy Expands Electricity Service to Delaware and Rhode Island

Ambit Energy is expanding service into two more states, offering service in Delaware and Rhode Island starting Oct. 30, 2013. These will be the energy giant’s 10th and 11th states. The company is also expanding gas service in the Pennsylvania PECO gas territory. Ambit enters Rhode Island with service for National Grid – Electricity. This is a potential 489,000 new customers. In Delaware, Ambit will open in the Delmarva Power & Light territory for Electricity service. This is a potential 480,000 customers. The Pennsylvania PECO gas territory offers a potential 480,000 gas customers. All of these new markets are open for residential and small commercial accounts. These two new states give Ambit an even stronger presence in the Northeast where the company is already a leading retail energy provider in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Maryland. Ambit Energy Delaware customer enrollments begin Oct. 30, as consultants can expand their businesses … [Read more...]