Why You Should Show Your Business to Everyone

One of the few critical parts of building an Ambit Energy business or any network marketing business is to invite, invite, invite. You have to expose people to the business opportunity. At Ambit, we call it STP (Show the Plan). And we never stop doing that. We don't have any products for people to touch, taste, wear or smell. We work on developing relationships, figure out ways to bring value to people and STP, STP, STP, STP to everyone we know. We're NOT asking them to join. We are just asking them to take a look. Why Should You Show Your Business to Everyone? I don't mean just the people in your comfort zone. I don't mean just the people you think might be interested in your business. And I don't mean just the people you think would be fantastic at your business. I mean everyone you know and everyone you develop relationships with in the future. Everyone. Got it? Good. Sort Through People to Gauge Their Interest In any type of business, you have to expect the vast … [Read more...]