Solar Panel Rebates & Incentives in Texas

One of the top questions people ask about solar panels in Texas is how much they cost. Solar panel systems are customized to fit your home, roof and energy consumption. If you are purchasing a system in Texas, there are several rebates and incentives to be aware of that can knock off a big chunk of the cost. A major factor in considering the cost of a solar panel system in Texas is the electricity consumption offset by the panels. So, the money you were paying every month to your electricity provider is being redirected back into your solar panels. Incentives and rebates can change, so be sure to check on current totals, amounts and programs with your city, the state of Texas and federal programs. Here are some you should know about. Solar Panel Federal Tax Credit This is probably the biggest and most widely-known solar panel incentive. It is not unique to Texas since it is a federal tax credit. It is also known as the investment tax credit (ITC). Basically, it allows … [Read more...]