Why I Chose Ambit Energy for My Home Business

I have been partnered with Ambit Energy for nearly five years, and I’m getting very close to promoting to the second-highest rank in the company. I build my business on a part-time basis, but over the years I have been asked this question countless times. Why I chose Ambit Energy has always come down to these five main reasons:

1. No Products

There are a lot of great companies out there with some terrific products. My wife and I still take products from network marketing companies because we just love the products. But as a business, I just didn’t want to mess with products.

While I don’t mind recommending products to people, as a business, I just don’t want to get people to change their habits or add something to their budgets. As an Ambit Energy consultant, I save people money on their energy bill. There is no product inventory to keep. There is no order to place. There are no deliveries to make. And we don’t collect any money.

The idea of generating an income on a very part-time basis essentially using just a phone and an internet connection really opened my eyes. It’s pretty cool knowing I can work my business no matter where I am.

2. Leadership and Culture

Ambit Energy Success from HomeBefore I became an Ambit Energy consultant, I was able to meet and talk to co-founders Jere Thompson and Chris Chambless. I was immediately impressed by their confidence and vision. Jere’s family started the Southland Corporation, better known as 7-Eleven. Their business background is incredible.

The corporate office is in downtown Dallas in what is know locally as the Landmark building–a rustic-looking place with dark red brick, wood floors and steel beams. It’s natural and inviting atmosphere reflects the company’s culture. Jere, Chris and the rest of the executive team sit at generic folding tables you’d find at Walmart. From the time they formed the company, their focus and resources has been on customers and consultants.

Another major factor that sets Ambit’s culture apart is the support. I noticed consultants received support from their team leaders, but I also noticed something happening that is very rare in this industry. Consultants openly receive cross-line support, meaning consultants who are not linked to each other financially. Ambit’s lead consultants have done a great job of creating this culture of mutual support across the country. This makes it so much easier to build your business no matter where you live. Learn more about our team and our leaders here.

3. Coded Compensation Plan

Ambit Energy BonesesThis could be an entire article on its own, but I’m not going to attempt to explain the comp plan here. This video here does a great job of covering Ambit compensation plan if you want to know the details. What attracted me most was that there were very few promotion levels. No quadruple ultra platinum diamond hybrid binary. Not that there is anything wrong with multiple promotion levels, but I like simple.

In a coded compensation plan, it can take longer to promote, but once you do promote, you’re there. There’s no sliding back. For example, when you promote from a Marketing Consultant to a Regional Consultant, you get to start building a whole new area of your business that just pays you more bonus money and more residual income.

In my opinion, the most powerful part of this compensation plan is the extra coded leadership bonus paid on all of your customers in your different codes. These coded residual bonuses are in addition to the regular seven-level residual payout that is paid month after month.

4. Laser Focus

A lot of network marketing companies have many different products or services. Many times, to keep their distributors interested they need to come up with a new product or line of products every six to 12 months. For its nearly 10-year history, Ambit has been laser-focused on energy. The company’s mission is “To be the finest and most-respected retail energy provider in America.”

I love that focus. There’s not a new idea every month. The company doesn’t chase squirrels. That focus made Ambit the fastest-growing private company in America in 2010. That’s #1 on the Inc. 500 list. You’re not able to handle that kind of growth without laser focus.

The only major product change Ambit has made is partnering with Sunrun to offer solar power service in several states. But it’s still in line with the mission and focus.

5. Flash vs. Cash

019c7a0d4d90dbaa0faf0af2e2bd2cc1ed90998e97This one isn’t the most important reason why I chose Ambit Energy, but it’s certainly one of the ones I’m most proud of. SO many home business opportunities reel people in with a whole lot of flash. Fancy houses, lavish cars, yachts, etc. Ambit Energy is very low on flash and very high on cash.

Some of Ambit’s top income earners are as normal and as down to earth as anyone. Sure, they have some nice things because of their hard work and consistency with Ambit, but they don’t flash them as shiny bait.

As of this writing, three of the top 20 direct selling income earners in the world are Ambit Energy consultants. Three of the top 20 in the entire industry! And that doesn’t include all the thousands of people making several hundred to thousands of dollars a month in residual income.

The place in this photo is our No. 1 income earner’s ranch, and I don’t post it because it’s really nice (it is!) but because he uses it to host consultants for weekend getaways. It’s not something he tells people about. It’s something he uses to give back to people.

Many people are turned off by the ridiculously lavish lifestyle. I’m one of them. So, I was instantly attracted to Ambit’s genuine culture that focused on helping people make a difference in their lives, whether that’s $200 a month, $2,000 a month or $20,000 a month. They understand that people have different goals and different levels of commitment at different times in their lives.

Did That Help You?

I hope these five reasons helped you figure out what’s important to you. These are what was most important to me when I decided to partner with Ambit. I’m not someone who dips my toe in the water and “gives it a try” for a few months. I’m a long-term guy, so I was looking for characteristics like these.

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