Why You Should Consistently Seek Coaching in Your Home Business

One of the most important things so many people miss about building a home-based business is the importance of consistently reaching out for coaching.

There is a big disconnect with the way the corporate world operates, and the way a lot of home-based businesses or network marketing businesses operate. In the corporate world, reaching our for coaching and asking questions is seen as a negative. It gives the impression that you don’t know how to do your job that you are being paid to do.

People typically avoid asking their “managers” questions about how to do their job. But when you are building your own business and generating your own income, there’s no shame in reaching out for coaching and help. In fact, you not only should seek coaching, you really have to.

You Don’t Know It All
If you’re just getting your business started, you have to reach out for coaching from your team leaders. Yes, it’s your business, but your coaches and mentors are there to help you grow. Put your pride aside because you know nothing to very little in the begining. And that’s perfectly OK. The more action you take, and the more coaching you seek, the more you learn.

If Kevin Durant, Aaron Rodgers and all the other great athletes in the world are learning from coaches and practicing the fundamentals, you should, too. If you are in a network marketing business, your team leaders are there to coach you. That’s their job. They have a vested interest in your success. Never think that you are bugging them. I wish most of my team was blowing up my phone with questions. But I guarantee you, the ones who are make the most money.

Seeking coaching is just like sports. You practice, practice, practice and then play the game. And during the game, you run a few plays then go talk to the coach to make a few adjustments. Then you just repeat the process over and over and over. Would a team ever go play a game without practicing first? Would they ever practice without their coaches? Of course not.

Your Assumptions Don’t Mean Crap
So many people have expectations of what their business is going to be like. So many of those expectations are just wrong. They don’t match reality. I wrote an entire post on this here.

Your coaches and mentors will help you work through the rough times when reality slaps you in the face. They will also be there to give you proper perspective to deal with it. Because whatever roadblock your hit, they have found a way around, over or through it.

Learn from People Better You
I’ve never figured out why most people stop learning and stop reading books after they get out of school. Because no one’s telling them to do it?

Just because you’re not in school any more doesn’t mean you should stop learning. In fact, you really should seek out learning even more now that you are building a home business. The more you seek out coaching, the more you will develop a hunger for it. And the more you will grow.

Your businesses is up to you. If you want your business to grow, YOU have to grow. You can’t get around that. It’s pretty much a fundamental law of the universe that your business and income will never grow above the level you are as a person. I say that because I certainly have experienced it over my career.

Seeking out coaching for your home business is a must. If your team members are not much help, there are a ton of other great and free resources online that cover so many different topics. Tons of great blogs (you know, like this one!), videos and webinars. Here are just few awesome business and brand builders that have helped me immeasurably over my career:

Ray Higdon
Eric Worre – NetworkMarketingPro.com
Gary Vaynerchuk

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