Why You Should Show Your Business to Everyone


One of the few critical parts of building an Ambit Energy business or any network marketing business is to invite, invite, invite.

You have to expose people to the business opportunity. At Ambit, we call it STP (Show the Plan). And we never stop doing that. We don’t have any products for people to touch, taste, wear or smell. We work on developing relationships, figure out ways to bring value to people and STP, STP, STP, STP to everyone we know. We’re NOT asking them to join. We are just asking them to take a look.

Why Should You Show Your Business to Everyone?

I don’t mean just the people in your comfort zone. I don’t mean just the people you think might be interested in your business. And I don’t mean just the people you think would be fantastic at your business.

I mean everyone you know and everyone you develop relationships with in the future. Everyone.

Got it? Good.

Sort Through People to Gauge Their Interest

In any type of business, you have to expect the vast majority of people to say no to your opportunity. That’s just business. It’s nothing personal, so don’t feel bad. Your goal here is to sort through these people to see their interest level.

It’s called prospecting for a reason. I think that term is a little too impersonal, but it is a good term to describe the action you are taking. Think of a gold prospector in the 1800s, using a prospecting pan to sift through the dirt, rocks and pebbles in hopes to find a little bit of gold. You’re looking for a little bit of gold, knowing full well that the vast majority of what your sort through will be dirt, rocks and pebbles.

You simply want to find out who sees an opportunity for themselves. Most people will need several exposures before making a decision, and that is fine. Don’t quit on them, but don’t beat them over the head, either. Circumstances change, so be patient.

Think of sorting as pouring as many people as you can into a funnel (inviting) and seeing who comes out of the funnel. Another way to think about it is sorting through a pile of coins. Most will be pennies. Some will be nickles. Others will be dimes and a few will be quarters.

People Know People Who Know People

Every person, whether they decide to build their own business with you or not, is a doorway to potentially thousands upon thousands of customers and business partners. So, even if they take a look at your business and don’t see that it’s a fit for them, ask if they know two or three people who might be open to earning some extra money. Again, just see if they know some people who might be willing to just take a look.

These connections are invaluable. Your prospect might not join the business, but they may know of a teacher who is looking for a way to make some money during the summer. Or a parent who is looking for a way to quit their second job. Again, find ways to bring value to people. Find ways to help them solve their problems.

This can be a great way to expand your list of contacts. This also is a good way to get your prospects to start thinking about the people they know. This could open up their mind. If their friend takes a look at the business and wants to join, do you think that could get your prospect to start thinking differently about the opportunity? You bet.

Fear of loss can be a powerful motivator.

You Want Everyone to Know What You’re Doing

At the very worst, you want to invite everyone you know to look at your business opportunity because you want everyone to know what you are doing.

If you opened a new store, wouldn’t you incite everyone to your grand opening, just to come support you and check out the store? Of course you would. You’re not asking them to buy anything. You’re just asking them to come check it out. You would want them to know what you are doing.

Your Ambit Energy business, or any home-based business, is no different.

Even if you are 99.99% sure that someone will not be interested in joining your business or using your product or service, they may know of some people who would. So ask them. “I really appreciate you taking a look. Do you know of two or three people who would be open to making some extra money if it didn’t interfere with what they were already doing?”

The other reason you want everyone to know what you are doing is because they may be able to refer customers to you down the road. And you also might be able to find a way to help each other. Maybe they have a business and you can refer people to them.

You want everyone to have a good understanding of what you are doing and why you are doing it, so they know how important it is to you.

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