How to Work Ambit Energy Business While You’re Out

Ambit Energy Executive Consultant and million-dollar earner Regina Gail says that you don’t go out to work Ambit, you work Ambit while you’re out. Ambit Energy consultants can work their business anywhere, and sometimes that means just handing over a business card to the person at Chick-fil-A or leaving one behind for the waiter at a restaurant.

Sometimes Ambit will just come up in natural conversation. Everyone uses electricity or natural gas, and everyone is interested in paying less for it. Ambit is the only retail energy provider in America offering a free energy program. Getting  your energy for free is a very enticing opportunity for people. Saving $100-$200 or more every month as a tax-free credit on your bill can make a huge difference for a lot of families.

“What do you do for a living?” is a very common question and conversation-starter in a lot of situations. Being able to say that you own your own energy business or that you help people save money on their energy bill and get paid on that for the rest of your life is sure to spark some intrigue.

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