Your Expectations Don’t Mean Crap!

Frustrated Home Business

How do you react when your business doesn’t turn out like you expect?

Do you keep going and push forward? Do you sit in the corner and suck your thumb?

Here’s the deal: your expectations of how your home-based business will go don’t mean crap.

Now, I’m not talking about goals. You absolutely should set goals for your business. I’m talking about what you expect things to be like. Expectations do not determine results, so you should not base your preserved success or failure on your expectations.

More Goals. Fewer Expectations.
I’m all for visualizing what you want and planning exactly how you are going to get there. But expectations are different.

Let’s say you get started in your business and you’re super-pumped about making money from home. You know you’re going to kill it. You’re so excited and confident that you expect about one in every three people you talk to will either become your customer or join your business. That’s very likely not going to be anywhere close to reality.

Let’s say that the actual ratio for your business is closer to one in 10 people, but you don’t know this. So, you go out there and you invite people to check out your product, service or business, and you do indeed convert roughly one in 10 people. Are you the type of person who sees that as a failure because it doesn’t match your expectations?

I’ve worked with so many people that react this way. They quit way too early because their results did not meet their expectations. They do just a little bit to give it a try for just a little while.

So, don’t judge your success and failure based on your expectations. What maters is consistent effort.

This Applies to Veterans, Too!
Sometimes, people who have been building their business even for a few years can still be a victim to their expectations. Those of us who have been grinding for a while all experience slow times and roadblocks. That’s just business. But don’t ever expect your future to be the same as your past.

I’ve seen that happen a lot in my business. Expecting that what happened in the past will dictate the future is a big mistake. All businesses have some ups and downs. You just have to grind through the down times and know that it’s not going to stay the same.

You CAN expect to fail several times, but as long as you learn from it, you will get better. Trust in that. Don’t throw away your dreams just because things aren’t going exactly like you expected.

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