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Lock in a low rate today by switching to Ambit Energy. Earn free energy, and earn an income as an Ambit Consultant. Start your own business today and be your own boss. No products to sell. No inventory to keep. It's just energy. Like us:

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The Facts:

>There is no cost to switch to Ambit Energy.

>Switching does not interrupt your service.

>Energy is energy. It still comes from the same place and through the same equipment. Just the amount you pay for service will change. Ambit will be your Retail Provider. Texas customers will receive their bill from Ambit.

>If there is a power outage, you still contact the same company that owns the equipment (this info appears on your Ambit bill).

>It takes just a few minutes to switch online.

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FREE Energy? Yep, FREE!

Would you rather pay for your energy, or get it free? Yeah, free is good.

Other energy companies just talk about low rates. Ambit Energy gives you a chance to earn FREE energy. Just refer 15 people to Ambit through your customer website. As long as you have 15 referrals paying their energy bill on time every month, Ambit will take the average of their bills and credit your bill with that amount.

While you're at it, you can also earn Ambit Travel Rewards. The more energy you use, the more Rewards Points you collect to use toward travel vouchers for cruises, vacations and getaways.

As Easy as 5-2-6

What is 5-2-6? It is Ambit Energy’s simple success system that jumpstarts a Consultant’s business. It goes like this:

5: Get 5 customer points (website counts as 2)
2: Get 2 personal consultants
6: Create a team of 6 total consultants

Then help your consultants repeat this over and over again. Ambit keeps it simple. When you leverage the work of others by helping them grow their business, powerful residual income kicks in. You earn money not only on your own efforts, but also on the efforts of those who you help with their business.

Learn More: Ambit Energy 5-2-6

Why Become a Consultant?

Energy is the largest industry to deregulate in American history. It's a $500 billion industry! Want a piece?

Ambit Energy's current market share in the states we currently operate in is less than 3%, which means there is about 97% of the market we can still get. Ambit pays its Consultants to acquire customers, and you can even earn powerful residual income off of the customers in your entire business organization every time they pay their energy bills. There are no products to sell and no inventory to keep.

Ambit Consultants simply help people save money on their energy bill. Enroll other Consultants and help them do the same, and start building your business network. Our team will show you how to succeed. You are not alone.