Getting Out of a Texas Electricity Contract: 4 Secrets

Getting Out of a Texas Electricity Contract: 4 Secrets

Stuck in a contract for your Texas electricity plan?

Want out but not sure what to do?

I know, it can be annoying, but here are 4 little secrets most people don’t know about that can get you out from under that long contract.

Little Secret #1: Know the cost to break the contract.

Sometimes, depending on what rates were when you signed up for your plan, the savings you can get by switching to a cheaper plan now can be greater than the cost to break your contract.

I’ve examined countless rates and plans that would actually SAVE people more money than the cost to break their contract.

Texas Electricity Contract

Little Secret #2: You can lock in a new, cheaper plan up to 60 days BEFORE you actually switch over.

This would allow you to lock in a low, fixed rate and essentially remain in a pending status until your contract expires.

That way, you don’t break your contract and still lock in a lower rate.

You can even pick the exact date you switch over to a new plan.

And there’s NO need to tell your current provider you’re switching. It happens automatically!

Little Secret #3: You don’t have to pay upfront if you break a contract.

Many people I’ve helped assume they need to pay their current electricity provider up front if they switch to another provider while still under contract.

That’s not true at all!

If you do decide to break your contract, the fee is almost always added onto your final bill, which is sent AFTER your final billing cycle is calculated.

In many cases you wouldn’t even need to pay the fee for three to four weeks (maybe more).

We’ve been able to save some customers more money in just one month than the cost to break their contract.

Little Secret #4: Seven-day grace period.

Did you JUST lock in a plan with a contract and think you found an even better plan?

In Texas, you have a seven-day grace period to cancel the plan without having to pay any fee to break a contract.

Hope those tips helped!

If you’d like me to review your bill and current plan, I’d love to see how much money you could save… contract or not!

Just contact me HERE!

The savings from the last bill I examined: $136 savings in ONE MONTH!

Yes, for real.

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