Lubbock, TX, Electricity Deregulation – What to Know

Lubbock, TX, Electricity Deregulation – What to Know

Lubbock is the latest city in Texas to enter electricity deregulation. But what does that mean for residents in choosing an electricity provider?

Residents in the current LP&L market have until Thursday, February 15, 2024 to seize the opportunity to choose their own electricity provider in a seamless pre-selection process. The transition to the new provider will take place in March, and customers will receive their final bills from LP&L. LP&L will still be responsible for the delivery of the electricity and maintaining the lines and equipment.


Why is this a fantastic opportunity? Lubbock residents have the power to shop for electricity rates and plans to decide what is best for their home and their usage habits.


Dallas-based Ambit Energy has been serving Texas deregulated markets for nearly 20 years and will provide service to former LP&L customers. It’s quick and easy to select and enroll in an electricity plan.


Shop for Ambit Energy rates and plans here.


If you have any questions, call or text 469.207.1595

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